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BGINFO Screen Shot

Since we’ve been setting up a lot of virtual desktops, terminal servers, and windows machines accessed remotely with RDP/MSTSC it’s easy to get confused about what desktop you’re looking at.

Download the free BGINFO tool from Microsoft’s Sysinternals web site and run this command in a batch file or other login script to set a nice back ground wall paper that tells you the IP address, host name, DHCP Server, MAC address, etc.

BgInfo v4.15 – By Bryce Cogswell – Published: March 30, 2009


:: Create a shortcut or put this line into a file named bgset.cmd and then run that during login or system configuration:
%windir%\bginfo %windir%\bginfo.bgi /silent/nolicprompt /accepteula /timer:0

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