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Monitoring Machine Setup Project

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CentOS 4.6 system setup
VMware Tools Installed
DAG yum repo configured
Install smokeping

tar xvzf smokeping-2.4.1.tar.gz
mv smokeping-2.4.1 /usr/local/smokeping
chown -R root:root /usr/local/smokeping

cd /usr/local/smokeping/bin
for foo in *.dist; do cp $foo `basename $foo .dist`; done

cd /usr/local/smokeping/etc/
for foo in *.dist; do cp $foo `basename $foo .dist`; done

cd /usr/local/smokeping/htdocs
for foo in *.dist; do cp $foo `basename $foo .dist`; done

# cpan
cpan> install HTTP::Request

Upgrade perl from 5.8.4 to 5.8.9
rpm -vhU

vi /usr/local/smokeping/bin/smokeping
change the first line to be as follows to reference latest version.
#!/opt/ActivePerl-5.8/bin -w

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