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Still looking for / learn how:
– A good way to back this unit up – A local buddy of mine mentioned he uses Rsync.  Getting the details about that now (I know it’s not rooted)
* there is the “Backup assistant Pro”  but that only goes to their service.  Is there a way to backup locally as with the Blackberry Desktop app that offers a complete backup with contacts, calendar, apps, app settings, browser history, etc?

– An app to be able to just touch the screen when it JUST went blank to wake it up and NOT have to hit the power button and have to swipe the screen on

-A there a way to avoid having to do the three stage: 1)hit the power button to wake up the display, 2) do the swipe  and 3)enter in my dot-based security code?  I’d like to just do one of them and then the dot code

– Good place to find mini to micro USB connector adapters.  I’d like to reuse some of my high power Blackberrt USB chargers if possible

HAM related:
5/5 – Echolink – App for echolink – works VERY well on my phone, no complaints other than it won’t remove the Echolink icon in the upper left when killed via App killer.  Only gets removed when you gracefully exit the app

4/5 – Ham Radio Study – review for the various tests: tech through extra; not sure how it randomizes the tests, etc.

3/5 – CallLog – HAM log and callsign lookup – decent but no way to upload logs to somewhere else

3/5 – HF Beacon – shows schedule for NCDXF beacons around the world in real-time for propogation

3/5 – IRLP locator – finds IRLP-enabled repeaters and charts them on Google Maps.  Nice!

2/5 – Signals – lists of Q-codes, CW, 10&11-codes, police codes, sign language, etc.; basic but effective

2/5 – HAM – Shows solar / propogation numbers; can also show callsign lookup if you subscribe to QRZ’s XML service

2/5 – OHMS – simple app to determine resistor values and Ohms law results E=I/R; works but a little clunky

0/5 – APRS viewer – poor; crashes a lot but listed as a BETA

4/5 – ConnectBot: SSH/TELNET/local terminal app to connect to either remote machines OR the local shell on the phone.  Seems pretty good!
– supports portfw, ssh keys,

3/5 – Remote RDP lite – for remote controlling Windows RDP enabled machines – works ok though I think the payfor version has more usability improvements

3/5 – TELNET – basic TELNET program that can help find open ports, etc

3/5 – IP Calculator – IP subnet calculator – seems good enough

3/5 – Xtremelabs SpeedTest – test your 3G or wifi network connection; works well for me but can’t save results : 3G down: 552Kbit/s   3G up: 715Kbit/s

?/5 – Wol Wake on Lan – sends WOL packets  which I use a lot at home – haven’t used it yet

?/5 – AndroidVNC – for remote controlling VNC enabled machines – haven’t used yet

Instant Messenger
4/5 – – multi-protocol IM client – supports Yahoo, Gtalk, AIM, ICQ, Skype, MSN, and Facebook.  Does NOT support user collapsing or Jabber but good otherwise

Audio and Music:
4/5 – gStrings – instrument tuner – seems to work well

3/5 – Audalyzer – Displays mic audio scope, FFT and dB meter; fast

2/5 – deciBel – Displays mic audio dB level on a time bound chart over time

?/5 – Pandora – used web-based free music service but haven’t tried the droid version yet

4/5 – Ulysse Gizmos – Has a full compass (with true correction), GPS location, GPS satillite tracker, pitch/roll bubble, and magnometer field

3/5 – Compass – shows various compass displays – simple but when the GPS assist is enabled, it shows my actual street address.  Cool but Ulysse is better

3/5 – Google SkyMap – Augmented reality looking at the sky to name constellations, etc.

4/5 – Iridium Flares – shows Iridium satelite reflections with graphing on GoogleMaps; nice

3/5 – Calendar Notifier – Android 2.2 does NOT have the ability to repeat reminder sounds.  It plays once and if you didn’t hear it, TOUGH.  This app fixes that though it’s a bit annoying to use

?/5 – Nudnik lite – similar to Calendar Notifier but haven’t tried

5/5 – SmartMeasure – took to determine height based upon geometry angles, etc.  seems to work VERY well and placed my antenna at 69′ which is about right!

2/5 – Draw! – simple doodle program; nothing fancy here

2/5 – Motorola Light – turns on camera flash LCDs but doesn’t allow for changing intensity, etc.

2/5 – Free Light – sets the LCD to ALL white or ALL red to be used as a light

4/5 – Advanced Task Killer – kill background apps : set for killing stuff whenever the screen is blank – seems to work well but I don’t know if the many other versions are better

Sound / kids stuff
2/5 – Arnold Sounds – plays Arnold Swarzenger sounds – can’t be played outside of the app; limited sounds

1/5 – Talking Tom – cat repeats what you say in a higher pitch, you can slap it around a bit too

0/5 – Talking Parrot – parrot repeats what you say in a higher pitch, lamer than the cat one

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