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Microsot SQL Server Consolidation Worksheet – information

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Complete a Worksheet like the one provided by Microsoft to get a better idea of any consolidation opportunities. Microsoft has provided a SQL Server consolidation Worksheet to assist with the process of consolidating SQL Servers and it can be found at:
* Server product and version
* Perfmon – Read / Write ratios (2 Weeks of data minimum at 5 Minute averages)
* Perfmon – Memory utilization (2 Weeks of data minimum at 5 Minute averages)
* Perfmon – Disk I/O (2 Weeks of data minimum at 5 Minute averages)
* Perfmon – Network I/O (2 Weeks of data minimum at 5 Minute averages)
* Security context of databases
* High Availability requirements / Clustering
* Limitations that prevent clustering
* Stability of servers
* Analysis add-ons
* Custom Stored Procedures
* OLTP and OLAP features and frequency of use
* Dependencies of Server / Instance names
* Life expectancy of each database / application / dependency
* Do the apps support Instance Names
* Do the apps have hard coded Server Names / IP’s
* Business continuance requirements
* How many databases
* Data growth rate
* Data Retention Policies
* Backup windows
* Backup technologies
* Change Management for Upgrades / Patching
* SAN technologies
* Peak usage / Low usage time windows of each server
* Location
* Replication frequency, duration, and volume
* SQL mail and other tool interaction
* Indexing / Natural Language Query
* Connectivity requirements
* Processor or Seat licensing
* Internet / Public Access vs. Internal only
* SLA’s to business units
* Who owns the servers (Business Units / Customers / IT Services, etc)

A typical database assessment can last 4 to 6 weeks if the resource has access to the servers and the answers to the questions above. Regardless of the number of servers, the assessment process is the same. You may be able to ballpark the number of servers early, but the actual count can only be determined by detailed analysis and thorough testing.

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