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Vyatta router upgrade procedure

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Upgrading in a Virtual Environment

Upgrading in a virtual environment involves two steps:
1 Install the new appliance to a fresh virtualized environment.
2 Migrate your configuration from old to new Vyatta appliances.

Migrate the configuration

1 In configuration mode on the old system, use the save command to save the
current configuration.
2 For all Ethernet interfaces, remove the hardware ID values using the delete
interfaces ethernet ethx hw-id command to remove the hardware ID values, then
commit and save the configuration to a name other than config.boot (for
example, save oldconfig).
3 Use the load command to return the original configuration to the old system.
4 Use the set service ssh command and then the commit command to configure the
system to allow for SCP file transfer.
5 In configuration mode on the new system, assign an IP address to an interface
residing on the same subnet as one on the old system (for example, set interfaces
ethernet eth0 address, and then commit the change.
6 Copy the saved configuration (the one with the hardware UDs removed) from the
old system to the new system. For example, if the old system is at,
the saved configuration file is name oldconfig, and the username vyatta is
available on the old system, issue the scp command as follows:
scp vyatta@
7 Load the copied configuration using the load command (for example, load
oldconfig). At this point, the configuration on the new system should match that
on the old system (except for the hardware IDs).
8 Shut down the old system using the shutdown command.


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