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Run Windows 7 from your iPad

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Run Windows 7 Desktop from your iPad


Got (want) a new iPad but not sure how to justify it for business reasons?

Follow this recipe for a sure fire winner that will please everyone who tries it!

Low calorie, safe and secure, and surprisingly reasonable for the budget conscious coupon clippers among us.


  • 1 Handheld Device – any of these will work
    • iPad 1st or 2nd generation either wifi or 3G will be fine
    • Andriod Tablet device – tested with Dell Streak 5 on Froyo 2.2
  • 1 Bluetooth Keyboard (Optional)
  • Wyse PocketCloud App
  • Wyse PocketCloud Windows Companion application


WARNING: Be sure to read entire recipe prior to beginning work. Failure to follow directions could cause your expense report to be rejected by the finance department.

NOTE: We take a detailed bottom up approach. This is less about instant gratification but ensures your first experience is successful. Once you’ve got it working once in a POC (Proof of Concept) then adapt this recipe to fit your own environment. Contact me and I can help you get setup based on your business needs.

Configure your Windows 7 Desktop to be accessed via RDP from the Internet.

This can be done at home on a physical machine however most businesses will choose to do this with Virtual Machines hosted on VMware ESX and brokered by VMware View 4 Manager for controlled access from the Internet with RSA 2 Factor Authentication One Time Password Tokens. Be sure the ESX hosts are protected with a tool like the HyTrust Appliance (HTA).

Install the Wyse PocketCloud Windows Companion software on the Windows 7 Desktop.

Pair the bluetooth keyboard with the iPad.

Configure wireless access on the iPad.

Download the PocketCloud App on the iPad.

Use the PocketCloud App on the iPad to connect over the Internet to the Windows 7 Desktop.

Login to the Windows 7 Desktop.

Start the Wyse PocketCloud Companion software on the Windows 7 Desktop

Use the iPad as a remote thin terminal screen.

Use the bluetooth keyboard to give you a real computer like experience.

No mouse? No Problem – just use your fingers to click, double-click, right click, select, copy and paste, etc.


VMware View 4.6 released 2/24 – over 160 bugs fixed and supports  Windows 7 SP1 RC 64 bit ODBC DSN <– Windows 7 DVM Setup Guide

Get the Wyse PocketCloud App from the Apple App Store. Many companies will simply purchase a $50 Apple iTunes Gift card and have their employees expense it. Learn more from this this web site:

  • Updated: Feb 18, 2011
  • Current Version: 2.1.217
  • Support for multi-tasking (background mode)
  • Optional support for Japanese language key entry mechanism.
  • Support for physical keyboard command key mappings (copy, cut, paste)
  • Full screen mode supported for both iPhone and iPad (removal of iPhone/iPad status bar).
  • Application fully supports all device orientations.
  • When connecting at iPad native resolution, screen auto-locks for ease of use.

Wyse PocketCloud Windows Companion:

Bluetooth keyboards are pretty cheap now. Models are available from Apple, Logitech, and Micro$oft: <– #1 recommendation! Very Nice @ $100

News reports on iPad and Windows 7:

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