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VMworld 2010 Fun Facts

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  • set an all time high with 21,000 unique visitors on August 30
  • Over 29,000 tweets on VMworld over 5 days
  • 5,670 attendees came through registration during the first 3 hours of the show on Monday August 30
  • 21,643 pieces of candy consumed at the VMworld Roadside Stop (How many M&Ms in a bag?)
  • 101,470 sodas and 4,852 coffees consumed over 4 days (How many beers?)
  • In 1 day 4,954 granola bars, 3,500 bags trail mix consumed!
  • 718 people who enjoyed the Bungee and Hamster Ball activities at the VMworld Party (I missed this fun.)
  • Just under 11 miles of CAT 5 cable used for the Labs
  • 13,188 attendees used the WiFi (does this mean unique MAC addresses?)
  • 160 VMware spokespeople trained on ITaaS story  (What are the qualifications of a “Spokesperson”?)
  • Announced six products, services and two acquisitions globally (Integrien and TriCipher)
  • LabCloud delivered 15,344 labs compared to 4,500 labs in 2009
  • Delivered Over 21,000 lab hours
  • Deployed a total of 145,097 VMs
  • Every hour LabCloud was creating and destroying approximately 4,000 Virtual Machines

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